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About ISB San Diego

What We Do

With everything going on in the world today, it’s more important than ever for San Diegans to learn to not only tolerate other religions and cultures but to respect them as well. It is in this spirit that the Islamic Speakers Bureau of San Diego provides interactive presentations about Islam and Muslims.

What Our Presentations Cover

  •       What is Islam? Who are Muslims?
  •       Muslim Populations Around the World and in the U.S.
  •       Islam and Culture
  •       Women in Islam
  •       Muslim Beliefs
  •       The Five Pillars of Islam
  •       Muslim Holidays

A Brief History

The Islamic Speakers Bureau of San Diego was founded in September of 2000. Over the last twenty+ years, over 34,000 San Diegans have learned about Muslim beliefs and practices and have had their many questions about Islam answered. Participants are so thankful to meet an American Muslim and find there is much in common between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

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