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Muslims Condemn All Acts of Terrorism


In partnership with our sister Affiliates and other organizations, we at the Islamic Speakers Bureau of San Diego stand in solidarity against all acts of violence and terrorism. We offer our prayers and condolences to the victims of these crimes and their families. Acts of terrorism flagrantly violate the norms of civilized society and the core teachings of all major world religions. In the face of such atrocities, we pledge to redouble our efforts to build interreligious and intercultural understanding and harmony.

We invite you to review our religious principles below and find answers to general FAQs on Islam and Muslims as well as FAQs on Sharia and ISIS.

  1. We affirm and uphold the sanctity of all human life, the taking of which is among the gravest of all sins.
  2. We affirm the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and speech.
  3. We affirm the right to security in one’s livelihood, profession, and residence.
  4. We believe that God created us with all the diversity of race, religion, language, and belief to get to know one another, not to despise or hate one another.
  5. We believe that Islam is above all a religion of peace and mercy, and that Muslims are obligated to model those traits in their lives and characters and to work for the good of our homeland and society, wherever that might be.

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